Welcome to the CEC Classroom, my name is Mr. Robertson.


This year, the program that we will be using to recover credits is EDGENUITY.  Across our great nation, public schools in all states grapple with a persistent and difficult challenge: addressing the needs of those students who are likely to drop out of high school before earning a diploma- the so called AT Risk Student. The research shows that nearly all the at risk programs achieve only modest success or fail outright for one reason or another. Then in the early 2000's, a new type of at risk program emerged: the success of the software- driven academic units.

In term of actual success, defined here as earning a diploma, programs like CEC have been and continue to be the number one at risk program model throughout the country. While the reason for the success of the software-driven model may be debated, several advantages are clearly beneficial for the at risk student.

  1. The units are self-paced

  2. Feedback for the student work in immediate, no lag time for grading

  3. Students can see their progress quite clearly as they progress through the academic units

  4. Frequent quizzes and tests ensure that learning is occurring and that a solid standard mastery is being met

  5. Unlike the regular on-line schools, instructions in the CEC classroom are present to assist students when they “get stuck”. These instructions also ensure that no cheating is taking place.

  6. Because CEC exists as only one period in a regular school day, the student’s schedule is not seriously upset. They may still take any MUHS elective and easily participate in afterschool actives, sports clubs and stay connected with the rest of the student body.

  7. All CEC plans are individual and handcrafted by a guidance counselor

New diploma standards have made it difficult for a student to fail more than two classes in their high school career and still graduate on time. For example: 22.5 credits are now required for an MUHS diploma to include that state mandate of four years of math and three years of science.

Nevertheless, there are strict files for entry into CEC. These rules help ensure that a student is properly challenged and does not try to “bail out” of a challenging course at the first sign of trouble. The Guidance Office has sole authority over entry into the CEC program. There are several rules, but the prevailing qualifier is that the student is “off the graduation” track. Normally this means two or more Fs on their transcript.

For over fifteen years, the Computer Education Center has been assisting student who has been assisting students where are off the graduation track. It is a great pleasure to work with those students, to see them achieve and gain confidence.

CEC Instructor